Counselling for Alcohol Dependence

You are not bad if you experience a problem with alcohol in your life. You are not morally weak if you need counselling for alcohol dependence. Nowadays we understand the process of addiction well. Everyone can become dependent or addicted, and there is not as much stigma attached as there used to be, in both society and in psychological counselling circles.

What you need to do is to admit that there is a problem, then you can find help. This could be considered as the very first step in what is a life-changing journey to finding your better self. An important thing to remember is that to suddenly stop using alcohol after many years of drinking excessively, may be equally as dangerous. Planned withdrawal from alcohol can help you to safely stop drinking. Discuss this with your medical doctor and/or therapist. If you would like to be admitted to a rehabilitation facility for alcohol dependence, they will usually start the program with a detoxification period under medical supervision. This is to rid your body of the toxins which alcohol introduces. After this detoxification period, the counselling can begin, as you will be more clear-headed and able to face your problems in a more healthy manner.

My counselling for alcohol dependence is not aimed at shaming the person for their addiction, but rather, I attempt to address what may have caused their behaviour and addiction. I find this has been successful in helping alcohol dependent patients to achieve a level of sobriety that is higher than what they have achieved alone. As a psychological counsellor, I understand that the road out of addiction can be lonely, and it is important to seek the correct, professional help as soon as possible in order to beat the problem.

Are you in need of counselling for alcohol dependence?

Do not despair if you are someone who requires this type of counselling or guidance, or are battling with reaching sobriety. Many people who experience a problem with alcohol, have had previous periods of trying to stop. Sometimes they have succeeded in having a shorter or longer period of sobriety. Unsuccessful attempts in the past do not mean that you cannot now successfully regain control with psychological counselling. I am able to provide caring, understanding and effective help for alcohol dependence, and have helped many patients to recover from this debilitating habit. You should not become disheartened if you are struggling to beat alcohol dependence, we know now that it is an addiction that is highly difficult to overcome, which is why my consultations are so in-depth.

In my consultations for alcohol dependence, I will help you to clearly define what the patterns, habits, history, context and language of the problem is, and how the problem affects your life and relationships. We will discuss the many losses that the problem has brought about, as well your response to these losses. We shall uncover and appreciate your skills, knowledge and abilities that contradict the problem lifestyle and that have helped you to resist the problem in the past. Then you will be in the position to make an informed decision on the best way for you to stop this habit.

One of the most important parts of alcohol dependency counselling is to assist my patients with rebuilding the relationships and friendships which have been damaged by their behaviour and addiction. If you are unsure as to whether you need counselling, it is important to ask yourself whether or not your addictive behaviour and tendencies are negatively impacting yourself and the relationship you have with others. If this is the case, it is important to seek professional help, in order to address the problem and seek help.

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