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Relationships are an essential part of human life, and romantic relationships are one of the closest relationships we as human beings will ever form. Very few relationships exist conflict free and life easily loses meaning and value without the enjoyment of healthy relationships. When relationships take strain, the resultant emotional damage can often be debilitating.

Deon is a registered relationship counsellor. He does not simply work with the two individuals involved in a relationship, he primarily focusses on the relationship as a whole. This allows the individuals in the relationship to take a “step back” and explore the things that are adversely affecting the relationship and to unite against it.

During this process the couple will focus on past hurts in their relationship, what to do with it and how to live with this in future. They will also focus on the “new” relationship that they want to construct by looking at the relationship’s values and dreams for the future. Deon will help couples look at the difficulties and successes in communicating with each other.

During this process, Deon helps his clients to focus on the inherent strengths of their relationship, while teaching them how to intentionally build on this foundation. Typical clients include parties in a marriage, couples living together, and those in same sex relationships.

If you would like to talk to Deon about marriage counselling or you require a relationship counsellor please submit your info and we will get back to you shortly.

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