Addiction & Drug Counselling:
Rebuilding of relationships

In today’s day and age the most common addictions are drug, alcohol and pornography addiction. Because of the stigma attached to addiction, victims thereof are often reluctant or unsure whether they should seek drug or alcohol counselling. When a person is unsure whether or not they should seek help, it is very often the case that they do need addiction counselling. This is where Deon can step in to help.

Deon’s work in this area involves the treatment of alcohol addiction, drug addiction as well as a range of other destructive dependent behaviours. From a neurophysiological perspective, all addictions operate in exactly the same way. In so doing, all forms of addictive behaviour or influences are the same, irrespective of the type of the addiction.

Addiction or drug counselling is usually done in individual sessions, but the partner and/or family of the patient are usually also involved. The patient, as well as his or her partner and/or family are allowed the opportunity to view and discuss their relationship in relation to the problem substance or behaviour. They get the opportunity to discuss how the addiction impacts their life and how it effects the people they care about.

Sometimes substance abuse and addictive behaviour are symptoms of underlying problems, while at other times it is simply the result of a bad habit or lifestyle choice. In both cases it is extremely important to be motivated to change through the help of addiction counselling.

Counselling will help those with addiction problems to enhance their self-esteem. It will also help them to find ways of managing stressful situations and emotions, without falling back into the addiction. They will learn about dealing with the substance and emotional triggers that might lead to a return to the unwanted behaviour. They will also develop skills for dealing with their cravings for the substance or behaviour.

A very important part of addiction or drug counselling is to assist the person with the rebuilding of the relationships that have been damaged by their behaviour.

If you are uncertain whether you are in need of addiction counselling, for substances such as drugs or alcohol, you should ask yourself if your addictive behaviour is negatively impacting the relationship you have with yourself and others. If so, it is time to seek help.

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