Relationship Counselling

People seeking relationship help are sometimes uncertain about what to expect. Maybe I can help.

First of all, you must be careful about whom you choose to entrust your relationship to. I would prefer a therapist who treats me and my problems with respect and who does not judge or prescribe what should be done.

Deon Binneman works with the relationship as a whole. He helps couple to realise the reasons for the issues they are experiencing, and also leads them to resolving matters in their own way, and on their own time. What makes his counselling sessions effective, is that they are free of judgment – so if you and your partner are struggling to resolve your issues, be sure to make an appointment.

How a counselling session works:

During a relationship counselling session, I do not work with a blueprint of the way a good relationship should be. Every couple construct their own unique relationship. I am not the expert on your relationship, you are. I work from the perspective that the people coming to consult with me are far more able and skilled than what other people may think they are or than they themselves may think they are.

Therefore, we will try to uncover the often forgotten competencies, values, beliefs, commitments and abilities of the relationship. This appreciative uncovering of a person’s and a relationship’s abilities, assists them with the changing of their relationship with the problems they experience.

In short, there will be no blaming or shaming during the sessions. We do not work with “right” or “wrong”. We will instead have discussions about the effects of the problem on the relationship.

The initial consultation is usually longer, maybe 90 minutes or more. From the second meeting, the sessions are more or less 60 minutes in length. This is usually not long term therapy. A lot can be achieved in four or five sessions.

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